Welcome to the IQC e-Store Booking Program.

The e-store is now OPEN to take your orders. Scroll down to view the catalogue.

Please complete your order through the checkout by no later than 4pm, Friday, June 16, 2023.

Orders will be batch-processed by Tuesday, June 20, and are expected to deliver in mid-July (locally).
Shipments outside Ontario make take additional time to arrive.

Please add the $15.00 flat-rate shipping charge to your order. This standard shipping rate includes courier delivery for most orders shipping within the province of Ontario.

Any additional shipping costs for larger orders and orders shipping outside the province of Ontario will be billed separately via credit card once an estimated cost is provided by the carrier (UPS), less the initial $15.00 shipping charge. Thank You! 

Should you have any questions about this program please email cathyc@PE98.ca